Welcome to The Virtual Emergency Operations Center


This site is for the use of response and recovery organizations with which TVEOC has signed memoranda of understanding.  Members of the public/media should use local/official sources for information regarding a disaster.  TVEOC assumes no liability, explicit or implied, for the use/misuse of information on this site by individuals/organizations with which TVEOC has not established a memorandum of understanding.  Unauthorized access to this site is strictly prohibited and all sensitive operations are conducted on a secure portion of the site.  If you have an established MOU and need access, please for login information.


The mission of The Virtual Emergency Operations Center is to reduce disaster victim mortality, morbidity, and dislocation and to protect property and the environment through direct support to recognized voluntary agencies and governmental organizations that respond to and assist in the recovery from natural, human systems failure, and security disasters.


Our vision is to be the standard setter for the use of the Internet for the performance of e-emergency management.


We value high reliability, rapid response to supported agency needs, and the accuracy and quality of our information management as our voluntary service to organizations and communities in need before, during, and after the onset of disasters.


As an organization we perform work using the Incident Command System to provide holders of memoranda of agreement emergency operations center functions including: (1) the gathering and processing of data to develop a current situation picture, (2) the development and completion of incident action plans to manage our own operations and reports to supported organizations, (3) the provision of information for supported agencies for rapid access by their members and others, and (4) the publication of a wide area fused situation briefing to provide response organizations a big picture view of the disaster.  All of these functions are performed on-line with members operating using communications and work groups systems. Use of the Internet and a geographically dispersed membership allows The Virtual Emergency Operations Center to continue to operate even if local outages make Internet access impossible.


All services are provided under signed memoranda of understanding or agreement between our organization and the supported agency.  To complete a memorandum for services either to your organization or for individual use, please .